Nick's bio

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Nick's bio

Post  Nick on Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:12 am


-First Name: Nick
-Last Name: None
-Age: Unknown
-Sex: Male
-Race: His physical body is angelic, the rest is unknown.
-Personality: Playful, Flirty, Rather reasonable normally but with a horrible temper, Doesn't take anything seriously (unless angry), extremely intelligent but good luck getting him to tell you anything.
-Appearance: Curly blond hair, golden eyes, wings which change color based on his current element,black and red outfit, golden choker, sharp tail, large scars and stitching marking where he was put together.
-Height: 4'4
-Weight: 92 lbs
-Birthday: Unknown
-Orientation: Bi
-Occupation: None
-Biography: The angelic looking creature who calls himself Nick was created five years ago by a scientist who made contact with something. Whatever the creature was, it made a deal with him. It wanted to get onto the Earth to have fun, and he wanted to finish his research, so they made an arrangement. He would provide the techniques and knowledge the professor needed, and his creation would serve as Nick's physical body. They started with human materials, but they weren't strong enough to embody an extra-planeiar entity. They eventually found that only powerful angels would work, and so it took a long time to acquire the necesarry parts, but the doctor managed it somehow, and used the procedure to create a perfect angelic body. Of course it wasn't quite perfect, the scientists resources were only so good, and as a result he was left with perminant stitch marks. But Nick didn't mind much, and was just glad to finally have a body. His primary powers are based around elemental magic, with his wings changing color to represent his current primary element. He can cast anything while they're any color, but his primary element will be stronger, but also determine his weakness. He also possesses what he calls "Lost Ones". His wings totally disappear when he uses this form of magic, he can't use it when he has another element, but the spells are strange and incredibly powerful. He can also somewhat alter his form, and frequently transforms his limbs into tentacles or blades to attack. He also has an armored mode, and he's implied that he's partly mechanical beneath the skin. After parting ways with his creator, he eventually ended up semi-joining the Night Clan for fun. He's not exactly an active member, and tends to be more troublesome then an actual ally, but he considers himself part of the group. He loves to play tricks on people and flirt with everyone. Though he has no real interest in a serious relationship at the moment. His body also has a flaw in it's metabolism, which makes him constantly hungry, and he'll often try to con people out of food.
-Main Character: Nick (solo act at the moment ^_^)


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Re: Nick's bio

Post  .:SugarBaby:. on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:24 pm

I can I'll just put you as other


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